ONE UNIVERSE of Health Care Providers and Health Care Consumers

In pursuit of delivering effective healthcare

In providing healthcare services, a compelling collaboration can promptly and emphatically influence patient safety and outcomes. The requirement for compelling groups is expanding because of expanding co-morbidities and expanding multifaceted nature of specialization of health care. Time has gone when a specialist or a dental specialist or some other healthcare expert would exclusively provide quality care that fulfills his or her patients. The advancement in health care and a worldwide interest for quality patient care requires a parallel healthcare service professional development with an extraordinary spotlight on patient focused teamwork approach. This must be accomplished by setting the patient in the focal point of care and through sharing a wide based culture of qualities and standards. This will help framing and building up a viable group ready to convey extraordinary care to the patients. Pointing towards this objective, inspiration of colleagues ought to be sponsored by strategies and practical skills so as to accomplish objectives and beat difficulties.


Effective tool to help function HCC and HCP in tandem


A tool that furnishes pragmatic way to deal with quality patient care is the need of the hour. A tool that helps the healthcare professionals (HCP) and health care centers (HCC) to stay connected, stay informed and engaged is vital for a healthy ecosystem between HCP and HCC. Various features for both HCP and HCC need to be meticulously curated.

One could have different questions brewing in their minds with regards to the functionality of HCP and HCC in tandem.


Food for Thought:


  • Would Doctors connect with their patients or family on a real time basis to provide an update? How about a chat session/ service that may enable patient interactions with the HCP’s (Doctors, Chemists, Pathologists….) for not just e-prescription but also for patient progress, follow up request, reports or even a second opinion.

  • Would a Doctor educate his patients about new updates with regards to medicines/ diseases/ symptoms which may help patients to take preventive measures?

  • Self-learning is also an important aspect for an HCP. An opportunity for them to get instant updates, new technological innovation news, medical journals or any pharma news right ON THE GO would not only save time but also keep them on top of their class.

  • Patients or their family finds it difficult to collect/ organize their health data during a doctor visit. Is there a way to ease this out? Probably a database that would help them view their medical history at one place in the form of a centralized repository that to ON THE GO.

  • What if there is an emergency, would one get easy accessibility to information related to 24/7 Pharmacy stores, Hospitals, Emergency Medical services which are within reach? This service would help in prompt decision making and reduce delay in the help required.


The aspiration of conveying quality patient care is liable to superior through patient centered groups. Be that as it may, we must close a hole between customary practices and the new frames of mind required from a successful group to accomplish such an incredible desire. In this way, healthcare services associations should go for giving exceptional patient care adopting newer technologies in which certain qualities and standards are shared and straightforwardly imparted among HCP and HCCs including patients who ought to be set in the core of the consideration.